Christian Neil (christianneil) wrote in dysfunction03,
Christian Neil

A message from your moderator


Just wanted to drop everyone a line to announce that the first week of this new community has been successful, and I for one have really enjoyed your posts....keep em' coming. I love hearing your rants, and can't get enough.

I also joined another new community: giveusyourshit It's brand new, and they seem to be on to the same thing that we are, so I would encourage you guys to check them out.

Also, I have attempted to be pretty thorough on the interests page for this community, but if you have any suggestions on something that I have forgotten, please advise. I am also looking for some approriate icons, and I'm more than willing to hear your suggestions. I have been considering a pic of Jesse Helms or Jerry Falwell, but if you guys have a better idea, I'll be glad to look for an icon that you request.

Many thanks,

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