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BLAH fucking roommate!!!

This is so not meant to be a gross post, but it involves the bathroom so think of it as you will.

Okay, so I get home from work hit the bathroom and find that there is maybe 18 squares on the roll of toilet paper. I Could swear that I picked up a 12 pack not a month.. month and a half ago, and that my roomie had picked a pack up himself as well... So when I use the bathroom I kill the roll without thinking about it, figuring we should have some left in the closet... but _-NO-_ there is no fucking toilet paper left in the apartment. I think to myself well okay I guess we went through a lot of fucking TP, oh well.. I end up taking a nap from about 330pm till 6pm and then 7pmish to 8pmish, In this process my roommate got home, and between the naps actually had the nerve to just call out to me as he walked past the room I am in, "Hey dude... we're out of toilet paper.." That's it... nothing else... not I'm going to run out and pick some up, not can you possibly get some at work tomorrow, nothing like that. No because my fucking LAZY roommate just assumes that I will get it at work tomorrow!!! He is the one with the car, and I swear that he is the one that uses more TP than I do anyway...

Now... here is why this bothers me so much... PECO(gas/electric) bill comes, he writes a check and puts it on the fridge for me to take care of mailing out with my half, we get a statement from out rental managment copy about rent, and he does the same fucking thing, sticks a check on the fridge.

Yeah so I work at a fucking supermarket, does this mean that I am the obligatory bitch who has to fucking pick up our paper and bath goods, like soap, toilet paper, plastic cups, and napkins... I am the one who fucking rides a bike to work, not the one who drives a fucking car and can go to the supermarket to pick up anything and everything. I mean if you know that the roll is low, check to see how much might be left and go pick some up! I mean that's what I did when I noticed we were about out of soap.

Some times I just get so pissed at his lazyness... and it just seems to get worse with time... I mean I am not grabbing TP at work tomorrow, I may snag a roll, maybe a 4 pack, but I am going to start carrying it into and out of the bathroom with me. Maybe this will make him realize what the fuck he is doing and that I am not his MOM to go out and buy this shit just because of where I work.
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