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Paula was an interesting character. She was the assistant manager of the hotel where I worked, and she was assistant manager from the day that the hotel opened to about ten years later. She was also prone to nepotism, and had a variety of other problems. Here are a few that came to mind

  • She was Cheesy, and rather annoying.
  • She was a micromanager, to put it nicely
  • She was condescending
  • One time a guest bought me a pizza, kind of as a tip. Not only did she eat some of it without asking, she took it home with her.
  • When she finally got the GM job after ten years, she hired her daughter as assistant manager. Her daughter had 6 months of experience, I had 5 years.
  • Her daughter fired me while I was on vacation.
  • After I was gone, she hired 2 more of her kids to work at the hotel.
  • Shortly thereafter, the regional manager fired her and her whole family.

She had no ambition to be anything more than GM of that hotel, and her stint at the helm lasted less than 6 months.

The denoument to the tale was interesting. A former co-worker, who was also fired from the hotel, called me up and said "Did you hear what happened to Paula?"
My reply: "What can I say? The bitch got what she deserved."
Her: "That's can you say that?"
Me: "You're actually sticking up for her?"
Her: "Well, I couldn't stand her, but I didn't wish her dead."
Me: "She's fucking dead?"
Her: "I don't guess that you did hear"

Turns out that she had taken another job as Assistant manager at another hotel out of town, and she had a stroke and died in the hotel room.

Oh well, at least she got to fulfill her life's dream before she died...not everyone can say that.
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Karmic retribution taken to the extreme?
Something like that...I hate to think that her rather significant list of minute transgressions sis not ear her the death sentence, though...if that's the case, then we are probably all screwed.

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I'm really trying not to speak poorly of the dead, but that does not excuse the fact that she stole a pizza from me.

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Whew! Thought I was the only one who thought that was funny. Not to offend, but that WAS funny. Karma. Who knew?
Love your icon, Libby.

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That was kind of a twist at the end. But I have to say that it made me laugh a bit because it reminded me of Kevin Smith's Mallrats... "She's fucking dead?" ... ah.. anyway.
I'm not sure if those were my exact words, but my paraphrase was in fact lifted from Mallrats...if you were able to visualize my response in that way, then you read the post compliments ;-)
*bows* ;)