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Well I said that I would be posting this... so here goes.

I work in a supermarket, more specifically I work in the deli of said supermarket. A very braindead easy job, but for some reason unknown to me my boss Tina just seems to make it far more difficult than it needs to be. Now, managers of most departments work along with the people that are in those departments, Tina does not. Tina does what she wants when she wants, be it walking away and leaving who ever else is working alone, or be it giving each person 5 different jobs to do. The other people that work with me are usually nice, I can say that not all of them are geniuses or they wouldn't be slicing lunch meat in the first place. Me... I do the job because I have been there for something around 3 years and I already make more money than most people who have been there the same amount of time. That is the only reason I have not quit yet.

Okay, back to the topic at hand... Tina... the fucking cuntwad that is my boss. She had this habit of telling me 5 different things that she wants done, after getting maybe one of them finished she gives me another 5. Does she not fucking know that I have yet to finish the first ones???? I think she does which just make it seem spiteful, can't she just write a list of shit that needs to be done and let us get to work. Thank god that she leaves to go do a grand openin of another store in about two weeks.. the 26th which makes it nice that we won't have to deal with her anymore, only real downside is that my hours will pick up which means less time for real things... I need to find a new fucking job!!!

Ugh.. writing when you first wake up isn't all too easy... I may add to this when I get a chance...
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"Ahhh, yeah,.....ahhh....alrighty then....yeah, if you could just take care of those DTS forms for me, ahhh, thanks...." Somewhat of an excerpt from "Office Space". It's kinda about micro-managers. If you haven't seen the movie, I do believe you will appreciate the sentiment. Ahhh....yeah.
I used to have managers that would do that...give you all their fucking work to do while they sat on their ass in the office playing solitaire.