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Roommates revisited

Okay... from that first rant here is more.... Want to know just how fucking pathetic and lazy my roommate is????? Well lets see... instead of stopping at the store, which he passed at least 2 of on the way, he just goes to his parents and takes 1?!?!??! roll of TP, not a couple, but 1!!!!! I mean if you are going to steal TP steal a bunch... And why steal it from the 'rents when you can stop at the store, which you drive past to get to their house, and buy a big pack... tell me how much and I'd give money towards it even though I paid for the last 12 pack and the last 3 6 packs of soup. I don't give a shit I use the stuff too. The best is... I ride a bike to work, not a motorcycle, but a bike, BMX bike, small 20inch bike, ride it better than anything else... and he has the nerve.. the nerve I tell you to call me today and leave a voicemail on my cell phone asking me to fucking pick up toilet paper... I don't know about any of you, but can you think of how much fun it is to ride 2.2 miles with a package of TP under your arm... I can tell you it isn't fun since the last time the wind kept catching it and I almost crashed 4 times. I just do not get how the fucker with a _-car-_ can't drive to the fucking store to pick up fucking toilet paper!!!!!

Okay, that's out of my system... for now...
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