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Psycho Mike...

When I was a freshman in college, I lived in the dorm, and there was this guy down the hall named Mike, who I will refer to as "Psycho Mike".

The guy was a pretty nice fellow to me, and we quickly hit it off. He was a pretty goofy guy, but he was a nice guy, and that gets you a long way with me.

We would hang out a little bit, and I'd give the guy a ride to the grocery store on occasion. One of those relationships of convenience that arises from the people with the means, and those without. They all kind of fit into the little ecosystem, like Morlocks and Eloi.

The guy did have a pretty serious drinking problem, and he liked to smoke a lot of pot, and there was also the worshiping the devil thing that kind of wierded me out about the guy. I don't think that the guy was an according to Hoyle Satanist, but he liked to draw a lot of pentagrams on things, and he claimed to be a Devil worshiper. Of course, I think that the guy wasn't unlike myself, in and of if he actually wanted to worship the devil, he probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to do so. There is a difference between being a Christian and Being a Christian that goes to church on a regular basis. The two classes are not mutually exclusive, and it may not be necessary to attend church on a regular basis in order to be a moral person, but sometimes you need some structure in your relationship with your God in order to make sure that you are doing it correctly. The same could logically be applied to worship of someone else. But that is an entirely different discussion

But back on the guy's drinking problem. The guy could pound a lot of booze. That's a big thing in college, I will concede, but this guy loved being drunk more than most people enjoy masturbating. He had an unhealthy obsession with it. He had received several public intox charges, as well as a couple of DWIs, which was why the guy didn't drive.

But the guy would cut out the articles that spoke of his many arrests, and he hung them on the door to his room. I made a comment on them, and said that I wasn't sure if he should be proud of the fact that he had so much trouble with the law. He agreed with me, but the pictures stayed up there during my subsequent visits to his room.

The guy had also apparently been kicked out of a couple of Christian Colleges, and considering his proclivities, this really wasn't much of a surprise. My guess is that the selection of schools was based on the fact that he was a drunk, and either him or his parents sought out to rehabilitate him by engulfing him in a mob of do-gooders.

Of course, this is largely an urban legend, because most of the time the parochial schools are filled with the rejects of the public school systems. You gather all of the wretched refuse of the public schools into one location, and then the levels of deviance begin to multiply exponentially.

The only other stories that I can think of was the time that he came and borrowed my broom and dustpan. Upon its return, he said "I thank you, my room thanks you, and Satan thanks you too.". And then there was the time when he was drunk and stoned and picked a fight with another guy down the hall, and got the shit beat out of him right in front of my door, while I snoozed away happily, passed out from my own stupor. I was getting up to go get tickets to the Travis Tritt/Trisha Yearwood concert with a girl I was trying to fuck (but never did) that Saturday morning, and the janitors were cleaning up a puddle of blood in front of my door.

That was one weird dude.
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